PhD Student Bursaries

Cardiff University is making available a number of bursaries to PhD students attending the conference, each worth £250.

Bursaries will be awarded to successful applicants based upon them evidencing:

  1. Being a PhD student;
  2. Needing financial assistance to attend the conference;
  3. Having an accepted abstract or poster; and
  4. Using the conference to enhance their academic career development.

If you would like to be considered for one of these bursaries then please complete the Cardiff University application form and email this to by 5th July 2017.

Please be aware that the deadline for abstract submission is 30th June 2017, and we will not be considering applications from papers that have not met this deadline.

Applicants will need to register to attend the conference and if successful their registration fees will be reimbursed.

*Each bursary will cover Early Bird Registration (220 euros), plus ESC one-year student membership (40 euros) if applicable, and the Farewell Conference Dinner Buffet (£35).