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Cardiff has a vibrant set of researchers and thinkers about criminology.  The staff are  principally within the School of Social Sciences (one of the top research departments in the UK) and in addition to theoretical work, it has a focus on policy-relevant research in some of the most dynamic areas of crime and crime control:   alphabetically, these include cyber components of fraud, hate crimes and terrorism; crime policy transfer; domestic and sexual violence; drugs and crypto-markets; life-course criminology; organised crime; policing (comparative, counter-terrorist and local); technologies of crime and crime control; urban security and the night-time economy; white-collar/corporate crime; and youth justice/comparative legal cultures.  International relations scholars work on subjects including cybersecurity, maritime piracy and transnational organised crime.

Cardiff has a long-running interdisciplinary Centre for Crime, Law and Justice - directed by Stewart Field - where social science criminologists work alongside staff from the School of Law and Politics, including international relations and the Centre for Law and Society. Much criminological research is conducted under the aegis of the Crime and Security Research Institute, a leading edge unit that is headed by Martin Innes, who developed the Universities' Police Science Institute.  It is co-directed by Jonathan Shepherd, who runs the Violence Research Institute, and by computer scientist Alun Preece, who works inter alia on sentiment analysis and intelligent systems.


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