Information for Poster Presenters


  • Poster headings must include the title of the presentation, the names of authors and their affiliation.
  • The poster should be a text size that will be easily legible from a short distance.
  • Graphs, pictures, etc. are an interesting addition.
  • The content of the presentation must reflect the summary of information given in the abstract.
  • Poster board dimensions will be 100cm in width and 200cm in length. We recommend a maximum poster size of 85cm in width and 120cm in length (AO paper size). The poster can be presented in either landscape or portrait orientation.


Before the conference

  • Please note that you are solely responsible for looking after your poster prior to, during and after the conference. We ask that, where possible, you do not send the poster to the organisers in advance but, rather, bring it with you when you travel to Cardiff. If this is not possible then you can mail your poster to the conference organiser but you must allow sufficient time to avoid any delay in your poster arriving. Remember that the conference organiser does not accept responsibility for the timely arrival, security or storage of your poster. We do not accept posters that have been emailed to the conference organiser. They must arrive in a printed format.


During the conference

  • The Poster Session takes place in St David’s Hall on Levels 3, 4 and 5. Please ensure you adhere to the time slots below:
    • Poster set-up: Thursday 14th September 13:00 – 16.00
    • Poster session: Thursday 14th September 17.00 – 19.00
    • Poster removal: Thursday 14th September 19.00 – 19:30


  • Material for fastening the posters to the boards will be available.
  • Presenting authors are requested to be available at their posters during the Poster Session.


After the conference

  • Presenters are responsible for removing their posters after the session on Thursday evening. If you wish to take your poster home then you are responsible for storing it in a safe location. If you are not planning to take your poster home, we kindly request that you still remove it from St David’s Hall after the session ends.