Keynote speakers/Plenaries


Opening Plenary

Wednesday 13th September, 17:30-19:30

Rossella Selmini - University of Minnesota "Presidential Address: Exploring Cultural Criminology: The Police's World in Fiction"

Mike Levi - Cardiff University "Crime, Crime Control and Criminological Controversies in the UK"


Plenary 1:Challenges Facing Policing and Criminal Justice in Contemporary Europe

Thursday 14th September, 11:45-13:00

Jorg Monar - Rector of the College of Europe

Rob Wainwright - Director of Europol 

Matt Jukes - Deputy Chief Constable for South Wales Police


Plenary 2: Legal Responses to Gender-Based Violence

Friday 15th September, 11:45-13:00

Joanna Goodey - European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

Marianne Hester  - University of Bristol

Marceline Naudi - University of Malta, member of the GREVIO monitoring mechanism of the Istanbul Convention


Plenary 3: On the Impact of Technology on Crime, Crime Control and Security

Saturday 16th September, 12:15-13:30

Benoît Dupont - University of Montreal

Russell Smith - Australian Institute of Criminology

Alan Woodward - University of Surrey